Alex Riley

Sydney-based artist Alex Riley investigates through his practice the importance of virtual reality and video game culture in our society today. Sprouting from the generation of a great splurge in digital entertainment he sees inspiration in the transformation of video games becoming more indistinguishable from reality. Alex plays with the digital transforming it in combination with the traditional construct of painting. He tries to create a dialogue between this pop culture and our our connection to it. His scratching away of the graphic image generates this relationship with the eternity of the internet image and the deterioration of our memories and lives.



2010 - 2016 Sydney Grammar High School

2017 - 2019 National Art School, Sydney



2018 - Landscape Exhibition, National Art School

2019 - Enigma, Library Stairwell Gallery.

2019 - Crossroads, Hideaway Bar

2019 - Cowboys Die Two, Goodspace

2019- National Art School Graduate Exhibition

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